We are an Athens based creative studio focused on celebrating life's simplest moments.
Our journey began during the first lockdown in 2020, when gathering around the table was our best and only plan. With a passion for handmade craftsmanship, a playful approach to homeware and ample free time, Rhea, our founder, embarked on a creative exploration to enhance these cherished moments.
Our goal is to create unique pieces for those who dare to be different. Each creation is meticulously hand-crafted, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind treasures. Every brushstroke or stitch adds its own distinctive charm, ensuring no two pieces are ever alike.
Starting with our iconic stripy vase, our collection has grown to reimagine homeware classics, with a modern twist. Rhea's whimsical designs draw inspiration from the everyday, infusing our objects with personality and purpose for pieces that are not just admired, but lived with.
Today, our range spans from tableware to candles, textiles and loungewear, each piece crafted to effortlessly refresh the feeling of a home and bring joy without sacrificing functionality. Join us as we explore the art of everyday life, creating pieces that inspire and delight!